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Votorola is pioneering the technology of collective freedom and autonomy. We explore the theory and practice of techniques that enable everyday people, unappointed guides and unplugged heroes to orient their discussions toward mutual understanding and consensus; to independently compose a foundational myth, primary plans, legislative bills and other draft norms; to champion these in critical opposition to authority; to guide the decisions of authority; and together to steer society as a whole.

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[GL] Guiding a legislature. Primary voters have reached a rough, unofficial consensus on a draft bill, 61 to 34.pt Elected legislators begin to join in the voting. A separate tally of their in-house votes (red) shows them 2 votes short of an assured majority in the official assembly, having 10 and needing 12. See also the practice document, and the general legend of symbols.

The primary turnout will typically be much larger in practice. Further a typical candidate (e.g. hollow circle) will have 5-20 direct voters, making the trees much bushier than shown.

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